WPX Hosting Vs Cloudways: Which One Is Better For Blogging?

If you are confused between WPX hosting and Cloudways hosting and don’t know which one is the best web hosting provider then this article will help you to clear all your confusion.

Today in this article we have done a comparison between two best web hosting companies- WPX and Cloudways. We have compared all the features, performance and price. so let’s start!

WPX Hosting VS Cloudways

WPX Hosting

According to the awarded tech blogger WPX hosting is the worlds best web hosting provider. It is ranked #1 in two of the famous blogs- G2 Crowd & Trustpilot. WPX hosting support CND which makes it 3x faster then other web hosting providers and talking about the offering, WPX hosting provides many free add-ons such as free SSL certificate, Unlimited site migration, unlimited business email accounts, full backup, DDoS protection, and more services.

WPX hosting not only offers amazing services, but it also has the fastest support team. They claim that all the queries will be answered within 35 seconds which I think is the fastest response time of any web hosting company.

WPX Hosting vs Cloudways

WPX Hosting Plan

WPX hosting has 3 plans- Bussiness, professional, elite. Here I am going to talk about the basic plan only.

  1. 5 Websites

In WPX hosting business plan you can host up to 5 websites on a single WPX plan. This is a great offer for professional bloggers because they often need web hosting for each new blog but in WPX hosting they can easily host up to 5 websites in a single hosting plan. This offer will save a lot of money from bloggers.

  1. Disk Space

In WPX hosting the disk space is given in business plan is 10GB. This much amount will be sufficient for new and small blogs because they don’t require much storage space. With the 10GB of disk space, your blog will run without slowing down.

  1. Bandwidth

In the business plan of WPX hosting the bandwidth is given about 100GB which is more than required for the small blog as they don’t get much traffic in the start and with 100GB of bandwidth the blog can easily handle up to 100k of traffic without going down. This much bandwidth is sufficient to manage traffic very easily.

  1. Unlimited Site Migration

The site migration cost seems expensive when you just started blogging. in the course of blogging, you will need to shift from many web hostings and doing this will require a fee but WPX hosting doesn’t charge you anything for migrating your website from another server to WPX servers.

Other than above services they also give free SSL, custom CND, free email, PHP 7, 99.95% uptime, 30 days money-back and many more.

Business Plan Price- 20.83$/month


Cloudways vs WPX Hosting

Cloudways name itself defines that it is a cloud web hosting company. Cloudways main focus is to facilitate web hosting for bloggers and create a simple environment for bloggers to work in. It also focuses on increasing performance so you can give all your focus to the stuff you are best in.

Cloudways has many services to offer such as PHP 7 server which is the trending need in the market, auto-healing cloud servers, dedicated firewalls, and lot more stuff.

Cloudways hosting plan

Cloudways offers different types of the plan according to the need of different websites. So we have mentioned only the most basic plan.

  1. Disk Space

In Cloudways you get up to 25GB of disk space. This much disk space is enough for handling the data of your blog. your blog will run very smoothly because it will never run out of storage space. However, this much disk space is sufficient for only new and small blogs.

  1. Bandwidth

You get 1TB of bandwidth in the basic Cloudways plan. This much bandwidth is more than enough for your blog traffic. it can easily hand more than 100k visitors. you will not have to worry about the traffic because with 1TB your blog will never run of bandwidth and the other reason is that in the new blog and small blogs don’t get much traffic. so it will be sufficient to go for a basic plan.

  1. Free SSL Certificate

The free SSL certificate is now very common service which is offered for free in many web hosting plans so is in Cloudways. You get free SSL in Cloudways in all plans.

  1. SSD Based Hosting

SSD hosting way faster than ordinary drives servers. today everyone is using SSD drives because is the advance drives which is 3x faster than normal drives. Cloudways servers are of SSD drives which increases the blog performance 3x faster.

  1. Free Migration

As in WPX hosting, Cloudways also offers free site migration. You can easily migrate your blog from the old hosting company to the Cloudways hosting. you just have to tell the migration experts of Cloudways then they will move your blog in just 24 hours.

There are other services also which are offered in all the plans of Cloudways such as backups, multiple databases, 24 hours customer support, unlimited application installation, free, and many more services.

Price of the basic plan in Cloudways is $10/month

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WPX Hosting VS Cloudways

Without a doubt, these two web hostings are the best in the market and deciding which one is the best is a tough task because they have so many services to offer.  We have seen that Cloudways is providing great services in just a few dollars while WPX hosting is providing those service in a bit higher price than Cloudways. This must be because WPX hosting is the #1 web hosting in the market so is pretty obvious that why their price is higher than Cloudways.

But, In WPX hosting you can host up to 5 websites while in Cloudways you can host only one. In my opinion, both are the best but if you only want to start a blog and price is your major concern then Cloudways would be the best choice for you because it is giving good services in just 10$ per month while WPX hosting is offering its basic plan in 20$ per month.