What Is HTTPS In A Domain Name? Does It Help To Get Higher Ranking?

If you are new in blogging and pretty much confused what is the difference between Http and https. What are the benefits of it and does it help to get higher ranking in google search engine? All these questions will be cleared in this article. So let’s start from the very basic information about it.

What is HTTPS in Domain Name


Https stands for hypertext markup language secured. It is the protocol to send and receive data from one point to another. The best example of this protocol is the transfer of data from server to client( client can be a website, application).  HTTPS uses SSL to transfer data which ensures that your data is being shared to the right point and no in between can read it.

HTTPS is more secure than HTTP. Here ‘S’ stands for ‘Secure’. Now how they are different from each other. It can also be said that HTTPS is a secured version of the HTTP protocol.

Difference Between HTTP And HTTPS

It is very interesting to know the difference between them then it would be very clear why google gives priority to HTTPS domains and not HTTP.

HTTP is the same as the HTTPS but is its older version. back in days, all the data were begin transferred using this protocol only. but the main flaw in this protocol was that it doesn’t bother whether the data is being transferred is going securely to the destination. Means it doesn’t guarantee if your data is being transferred without manipulation, hijacked, copy.

The biggest concern was the security of individuals data being extracted by others when providing in credit card sites or transaction page.

So to solve this problem, they created HTTPS which is the same protocol but secured. It uses SSL certificate to transfer data from one point to other and the data being transferred can be only decrypted by the server and the website. so no one can read the data in between this makes the transferred of data secured.

This increases the trust on the website you are surfing because you know that it will transfer your personal data in encrypted form and only possible to decrypt by the servers. so it becomes the symbol of trust for any website.

For example, if you visit any unknown website then your browser will tell you that it is not safe to surf on this website. you can see the red warning sign in the left of the address bar. So this lets the readers know that their data is not safe in this website and they will exit.

But in the opposite, if any website has installed an SSL certificate then it claims to be a trusted website and a secure sign can be seen in green on the left of the address bar. This sign is very important to turn green in order to gain the trust of users.

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Why Google Like HTTPS

Google favor HTTPS over HTTP because as we have seen the flaw present in using HTTP protocol and how we solved that problem by using HTTPS protocol.  Being the secured way to transfer data is the prime concern of Googles. That is why Google loves the domain with HTTPS protocols

How To Get HTTPS

In the beginning when you will buy a domain and create a blog.  by default, the blog will be using the HTTP protocol and to make it HTTPS you need to install the SSL certificate.  It can be bought from any Registrar websites.

In an attempt to get SSL certificate you will have to verify your website and server so that it can be confirmed that all the data is being sent and receive security and the website is what it claims to be.

After the verification is done. Your blog will get an SSL certificate and whenever any browser tries to access the website, the browser will verify the certificate and interpret that it is secured for the user to provide data.

In most of the premium web, hosting SSL certificate is given free along with the hosting plan. So you no longer to do the long process of getting it.

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Does It Help To Get Higher Ranking?

In the perspective of SEO, HTTPS protocol does help websites to get a higher ranking. Google has officially said that with HTTPS website will get higher ranking then HTTP websites. Using HTTPS protocol will increase your rank in the page however it is only a slight increase in the ranking.

But still, it helps to gain a higher ranking in googles search engine. The website which enables the HTTPS protocol will only gain the trust of its readers but also it will be favored by googles algorithm.

The website which does not use HTTPS will face hard times in search position because it may not consider the best way to increase ranking but it is a little boost in the start and secures the user’s personal data being hijacked.

Final Thoughts HTTPS

the security of data should be the major concern for any website for its users because if you are running an e-commerce website then the user will have to enter card details which may be very critical data and if no proper security protocol is being used then that data may get misused by anyone.

That is why Google encourages everyone to use the secured transfer protocol on their website and also google benefits them who does it. googles algorithm ranks website higher who uses HTTPS domains than who don’t.

So, the ranking and security is your major concern then you must install the SSL certificate in order to get the HTTPS protocol and secured sign on the address bar so that readers can freely surf your website without being feared of stealing their data.

SSL certificate was costly back then but now in many web hosting plans, they offer SSL certificate absolutely so that you will not have to hustle for installing the SSL certificate and get HTTPS protocol.