How To Speed Up Your WP Blog With Cloudways CDN?

If you are finding ways to speed up your wp blog then you have come to the right page because here we are going to show how you can reduce the load time of your blog pages and increase your blog performance with the help of Cloudways CND.

If you have never heard of Cloudways CND hosting then your mind must be wondering what is the CND stands for how it will increase the speed of your wp blog. to find out read till the end.

Now let’s start from the very basic.

Speed Up WP Blog with Cloudways CDN

What Is CND?

CND is a technique of reducing the traffic load on the main server. The reason behind this is because when a user accesses a website then that user is interacting with the main server and as the number of users increases on the same website then the load on the server for accessing information also increases. This results in poor server performance which makes the blog to load data slowly.

So to solve this problem CND comes into the picture. CND stands for Content Delivery Network or Content Distributed Network. This can be understood as there are many servers placed in different geographical locations.

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Now if any user tries to access website data then the main server will redirect it to the server which is placed near the user. All the servers have a replicate of the data so the user can access data very fast as the distance between server reduced and also the load is being divided between the servers.

How CND Is Helpful?

The CND is very helpful for bloggers to reduce the traffic load on their server as we have seen how it is helpful to reduce the server load which increases the WordPress blog performance and also user can access the data very fast and easily.

How To Get CND Hosting?

There are many web hosting in the market who offers CND hosting in their plan. There is a good feature to take if you want to reduce the load time of your wp blog pages. The process to do this is very simple. however, CND hosting is not so costly and you get it at an affordable price.

Cloudways CND Hosting

Cloudways is one of the best web hostings who provide great services to their clients and they also provide Cloudways CND hosting in their all plans. this makes the Cloudways severs even faster than other providers as they only provide single servers which get overloaded when large traffic tries to access the server.

This problem is faced by many bloggers as so they shift the web hosting provider who offers CND hosting at an affordable price.

Benefits Of Cloudways CND

There are many benefits of using Cloudways CND hosting but the most important are mentioned below.

  1. Load Time

The first benefits of using Cloudways is that it distributes the load on the main server and connects you with the nearest server to you which have the copy of the data that you are trying to access. This technique makes the server works faster as there will be no load to the server and so the pages will load faster as the distance of accessing data is reduced. Hence the load time reduces your blog.

  1. User Experience Increases

With the Cloudways CND hosting the user experience increases because when the user tries to access any page or data in the website then the main server finds out the users accessing location and assigns the nearest server which increases the accessing speed which results in faster user experience. Users will get data very fast and they will get the amazing user experience

  1. SEO

The other benefit of using Cloudways CND hosting is that it improves SEO ranking of the blog. when the servers don’t take time to serve data and the load time and performance of the blog increases due to faster-accessing data from the nearest servers, the SEO ranking of a blog increases as Google gives higher priority to the blog who loads faster and have good user interaction with the blog. The main reason for using CND hosting is to increase SEO ranking only.

Now let’s have a look at the offering of Cloudways CND hosting.

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Cloudways CND Features

You will get CND features in all plans of the Cloudways hosting. there are various plans according to the needs of data. Here I am mentioning the most basic plan of it.

  1. Bandwidth

In the basic plan, you get about 1TB of bandwidth which is quite amazing and this number increases with the higher plans. 1TB bandwidth is sufficient for the small blog because of low traffic load. If the traffic increases then you can shift to the higher plans

  1. Storage Space

Cloudways offers 25GB of bandwidth in the basic plan. The interesting part is that this 25GB is of SSD drives which are way more faster in performance than ordinary drives.

  1. SSL

They offer some free add-ons in their all plan such as free SSL certificate which is costly when you will purchase it. SSL will help your blog to increase its SEO ranking and also it will increase the user’s trust on your blog.

  1. Effortless Site Migration

If you want to move to Cloudways hosting then you don’t have to worry about moving your blog, you just have to inform the technical team of Cloudways and then they will start the moving process of your blog. there is no fee for doing migration you can do it as many time as you want. Whenever you feel to shift from plans then you can do it without paying any cost.

  1. Free Trial Without Credit Card

This is a great opportunity for those who want to try the Cloudways CND hosting as a trail. The best thing is that you don’t require to enter your credit card details for activating the trial period.

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