How To Earn Credit On Purchasing Cloudways Hosting?

If you are searching for a reliable and premium web hosting then your search is over now because today in this article I am going to tell you about one of the best web hosting company known as Cloudways and also tell you how you can earn credits by purchasing Cloudways hosting using a few exclusive Cloudways Promo Codes and also you’ll learn how to grab huge discount on any hosting plan.

So if anyone doesn’t know much about Cloudways hosting then don’t worry because I will be talking about Cloudways in details and you will know if it is perfect for you blog need or not? So let’s begin.

Cloudways Hosting

Cloudways is the best cloud server hosting and it been hosting the website for a long time. Cloudways offers amazing services which are super fast and value for money services such as SSD drives and if you are a tech geek you know how fast is SSD drives.

The disk space you get in Cloudways is of SSD drives which improve the blogs load time and increases its performance by 3 times than ordinary drives. The list doesn’t end here, there a lot of premium services you get in Cloudways basic plan.

Cloudways WordPress Hosting

You get free SSL certificate, free site migration, powerful security, malware protection, DDoS protection, automatic backups, live chat, 24/7 customer support, and lot more stuff.

Now let’s see some advanced features we get in a Cloudways basic plan. However, there are other plans also to advance blogs. The basic plan is recommended for small blogs only.

Cloudways Features Of The Basic Plan

1. 1GB RAM

As Cloudways is a cloud-based hosting and in each plan, you will be getting a different server and the RAM of it will be 1GB for the basic plan and these limit increase in as the plan goes higher.

2. 1 Core Processor

In the cloud server, the processor you will get is 1 core and it is more in higher plans. the processor will execute all the instruction faster in servers so this will increase your server performance.

3. 1 TB Bandwidth

Now the most important is bandwidth. In the basic plan, you will be getting a 1TB bandwidth limit. I guarantee you have have not seen this much bandwidth in any other hosting plan. But Cloudways gives 1TB of bandwidth which ensures that your blog will never go down due to insufficient bandwidth if the traffic will increase on your blog. 1TB is enough to handle over thousands of visitors.

4. 25GB Storage Space

Now another important thing in a web hosting plan is the storage space. in Cloudways plan you get about 25GB of storage space and it is sufficient to handle all your blog data. However, it is being assumed that we are talking about small sized blogs. For advanced blogs, there are different plans.

5. No Fee On Site Migration

Yes, you don’t require to pay any site migration fee for migrating your blog to Cloudways servers. all you have to do is inform the technician of Cloudways and the rest they will take care.

6. Get The Free SSL Certificate

In Cloudways you get a free SSL certificate in any plan you purchase. This is an amazing perk for new bloggers as installing SSL certificate requires a yearly fee and this fee can drain your money but Cloudways will not let it happen. They provide an SSL certificate absolutely free in the plan.

7. Responsive Customer Support

The important thing in any service is to get heard so when you contact the customer support then they must listen to you and help you to solve the problem. Cloudways take care of its every customer so that they can focus on other things which matter. You can easily get in touch with the support team by live chat, contact, and email.

8. Auto Healing Servers

This feature is very unique and you can’t find it in any other web hosting company. Whenever the servers go under attack then after the attack the servers will automatically start healing themselves so that you will not have to worry about it and you can entirely focus on the business growth.

9. Two-Factor Authentication

The other great features are two-factor authentication which is the best method to put extra security in the hosting so that nobody can easily enter your system. Also, there are many other security features to secure the data such as dedicated firewalls, IP whitelisting, Cpanel, DDoS protection any many more stuff to protect the data from the hijack.

There are a lot more features you get in the plan and now let’s jump to how you can earn credits from Cloudways promo code.

How To Earn Cloudways Promo Code

Earn Credit On Cloudways Hosting

There is a way from which you can earn some credit to use it for other services. all you have to do is find any website or company who is providing the Cloudways promo code so you can use it at the time of purchasing. With that promo code, you will earn credit.

Where To Find Promo Code?

You can get the promo code from this article and you can easily use it for buying any Cloudways plan and after the successful transaction, you will get credits in your account.

How To Use Cloudways Promo Code?

The steps to use Cloudways promo code is very simple just copy the promo code and go to the Cloudways official website then select any plan you are interested in buying. After that when the purchase page will open just enter the promo code and do the payment.  when the successful transaction is done then you will get your credit.

Final Words On Cloudways Promo Code

If you want to start your own blog but don’t have the great budget then Cloudways is the perfect web hosting for you because the basic plan of Cloudways is only for $10 per month and in that you will get all the above-mentioned features. the above-mentioned plan is suitable for small blogs and if your blog needs are more than there are advanced plans also which are best for premium blogs. not only that you can also earn credit with the help of Cloudways promo code.