How to Save Money on WPX Hosting

How To Save Money On WPX Hosting Black Friday?

If you are searching for the term how you can save a lot of money on WPX hosting then you are on the right page because here we are going to tell you how you can save your money on premium web hosting like WPX Hosting in 2020.

Why Premium Web Hosting Are Expensive?

If you want to start an online business then there are plenty of tools available from which you can start your blog within few minutes and launch your business. However, there are millions of websites present in the market and you have to make your blog powerful and professional so that it can stand out from the rest of the websites.

How to Save Money on WPX Hosting

To do this you need to use premium services and web hostings such as WPX hosting. the benefit of using best web hosting is that you don’t have to worry about the performance and speed of the blog so that you can work on the other areas of the website. however, these web hostings are a bit expensive for beginners because for serving the best service it requires to have the best servers which are expensive. That is why web hostings are expensive.

The question may arrive. why not buy cheap hosting then the answer is that cheap web hosting is not worth it. even if the web hosting is cheap you will not get the desired results and there will be a lot of problems in the webserver which will make your blog slow and unavailable to access.

How To Save Money?

So, now you understand why using best web hosting is important. however, some bloggers start their first blog with the cheap hosting and then they regret using it so why not start with the best service to get good results. 

For those who think best web hosting is very expensive and they drop the idea of starting an online are completely wrong. There are many ways to save money on web hosting like sale, discount coupons, limited period offer and many more. With the help of these offers, you can get a huge discount that means you can purchase it in your defined budget.

Black Friday sale is the most awaited sale of the year where all the brand gives a huge discount on their products. This sale is like an opportunity to make more money and buying that one thing which you wanted to buy but couldn’t do it because of the high price. but now that dream comes true.

WPX Hosting

The black Friday sale will soon approach. That is why every brand is giving a huge discount on the product, so is WPX hosting. when it comes to which web hosting is the best then the answer is WPX hosting. bloggers and review blog are saying that it is one of the best web hosting available in the market and is the best option to use in 2019.

WPX hosting is there in the market for many years and has proven itself to be the best web hosting provider. It provides world-class services which are expensive for newbies such as WPX CDN, easy WordPress installation, SSL, free migration, security, and many more awesome services.

WPX hosting has been rated by many big blogs like G2 Crowd and Trustpilot. They have given WPX hosting the first position among the best web hosting 2019. They also highlight the key features of WPX Hosting and analyzed the pros and cons of using it. 

Why WPX Hosting Is Best?

There is a number of things which makes WPX hosting the best in the world and those are its speed, performance, support, price, and features. all these factors are considered to determine whether a web hosting is good or not.

The servers of WPX hosting are very fast and have the powerful processing power. Due to this, the pages in the blogs are loaded very quickly and you don’t have to wait anymore. This helps to provide amazing user experience to the readers so that they will get back again. If you don’t know then let me tell you that speed is the highest priority factor which affects the success of the website and blog. 

If the speed of the blog will be low then readers would have to wait for 4-5 seconds to load and it is very frustrating so instead of waiting the user will jump to other website and it will never return on yours. So this way with low speed a blog can die very easily and will have a hard time getting traffic.

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On the other hand, if the speed of the blog will be super fast then you will not have to worry about traffic bounce because speed also plays important role in ranking the website in the search result so if the speed will be fast then the blog will be on the first position of the search result. And you know that the first link has the highest rate of clicking.

How To Get Discount From WPX Hosting

Now we have collected all the information about WPX hosting now its time to know how to get WPX Hosting Discount to grab massive 50% discount on any available WordPress hosting plan. it is very simple to get discount on WPX hosting, you just have to find the WPX hosting coupon and then use it at the time of purchase then you will get huge discount on the product.

These discount coupons can be found when there is a black Friday sale. in the sale there will be a discount coupon code will be given to everyone for shopping on the official website of the product. then you can easily copy that code and then paste it when it will be asked.

With this way, you can save your money on WPX hosting and enjoy the amazing service of WPX hosting. if you really want to start your blog and don’t have the budget then you can wait for Black Friday sale so that you can get the same product at a very discounted price.

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Earn Credit On Cloudways Hosting

How To Earn Credit On Purchasing Cloudways Hosting?

If you are searching for a reliable and premium web hosting then your search is over now because today in this article I am going to tell you about one of the best web hosting company known as Cloudways and also tell you how you can earn credits by purchasing Cloudways hosting using a few exclusive Cloudways Promo Codes and also you’ll learn how to grab huge discount on any hosting plan.

So if anyone doesn’t know much about Cloudways hosting then don’t worry because I will be talking about Cloudways in details and you will know if it is perfect for you blog need or not? So let’s begin.

Cloudways Hosting

Cloudways is the best cloud server hosting and it been hosting the website for a long time. Cloudways offers amazing services which are super fast and value for money services such as SSD drives and if you are a tech geek you know how fast is SSD drives.

The disk space you get in Cloudways is of SSD drives which improve the blogs load time and increases its performance by 3 times than ordinary drives. The list doesn’t end here, there a lot of premium services you get in Cloudways basic plan.

Cloudways WordPress Hosting

You get free SSL certificate, free site migration, powerful security, malware protection, DDoS protection, automatic backups, live chat, 24/7 customer support, and lot more stuff.

Now let’s see some advanced features we get in a Cloudways basic plan. However, there are other plans also to advance blogs. The basic plan is recommended for small blogs only.

Cloudways Features Of The Basic Plan

1. 1GB RAM

As Cloudways is a cloud-based hosting and in each plan, you will be getting a different server and the RAM of it will be 1GB for the basic plan and these limit increase in as the plan goes higher.

2. 1 Core Processor

In the cloud server, the processor you will get is 1 core and it is more in higher plans. the processor will execute all the instruction faster in servers so this will increase your server performance.

3. 1 TB Bandwidth

Now the most important is bandwidth. In the basic plan, you will be getting a 1TB bandwidth limit. I guarantee you have have not seen this much bandwidth in any other hosting plan. But Cloudways gives 1TB of bandwidth which ensures that your blog will never go down due to insufficient bandwidth if the traffic will increase on your blog. 1TB is enough to handle over thousands of visitors.

4. 25GB Storage Space

Now another important thing in a web hosting plan is the storage space. in Cloudways plan you get about 25GB of storage space and it is sufficient to handle all your blog data. However, it is being assumed that we are talking about small sized blogs. For advanced blogs, there are different plans.

5. No Fee On Site Migration

Yes, you don’t require to pay any site migration fee for migrating your blog to Cloudways servers. all you have to do is inform the technician of Cloudways and the rest they will take care.

6. Get The Free SSL Certificate

In Cloudways you get a free SSL certificate in any plan you purchase. This is an amazing perk for new bloggers as installing SSL certificate requires a yearly fee and this fee can drain your money but Cloudways will not let it happen. They provide an SSL certificate absolutely free in the plan.

7. Responsive Customer Support

The important thing in any service is to get heard so when you contact the customer support then they must listen to you and help you to solve the problem. Cloudways take care of its every customer so that they can focus on other things which matter. You can easily get in touch with the support team by live chat, contact, and email.

8. Auto Healing Servers

This feature is very unique and you can’t find it in any other web hosting company. Whenever the servers go under attack then after the attack the servers will automatically start healing themselves so that you will not have to worry about it and you can entirely focus on the business growth.

9. Two-Factor Authentication

The other great features are two-factor authentication which is the best method to put extra security in the hosting so that nobody can easily enter your system. Also, there are many other security features to secure the data such as dedicated firewalls, IP whitelisting, Cpanel, DDoS protection any many more stuff to protect the data from the hijack.

There are a lot more features you get in the plan and now let’s jump to how you can earn credits from Cloudways promo code.

How To Earn Cloudways Promo Code

Earn Credit On Cloudways Hosting

There is a way from which you can earn some credit to use it for other services. all you have to do is find any website or company who is providing the Cloudways promo code so you can use it at the time of purchasing. With that promo code, you will earn credit.

Where To Find Promo Code?

You can get the promo code from this article and you can easily use it for buying any Cloudways plan and after the successful transaction, you will get credits in your account.

How To Use Cloudways Promo Code?

The steps to use Cloudways promo code is very simple just copy the promo code and go to the Cloudways official website then select any plan you are interested in buying. After that when the purchase page will open just enter the promo code and do the payment.  when the successful transaction is done then you will get your credit.

Final Words On Cloudways Promo Code

If you want to start your own blog but don’t have the great budget then Cloudways is the perfect web hosting for you because the basic plan of Cloudways is only for $10 per month and in that you will get all the above-mentioned features. the above-mentioned plan is suitable for small blogs and if your blog needs are more than there are advanced plans also which are best for premium blogs. not only that you can also earn credit with the help of Cloudways promo code.…

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Cloudways Affiliate Program

Cloudways Affiliate Program Review: How To Earn Promoting Cloudways?

Cloudways Affiliate Program

When you search for ways to earn money online then you will see a bunch of list with many methods for earning a good amount of money. the truth about those methods is that some of the methods in that list are a fake and not genuine way for earning money. many people will tell you a lot of ways how you can earn money but they are fooling you.

today, I am going to tell you a simple method of earning a good amount of money online. it is the best way and is in trend in the market to earn money. many people have adopted this method as a full-time job. Because they are earning more than their job.

I am talking about Affiliate marketing and if you don’t know about it then worry not because here I will be going in dept from the basics and also I will be reviewing a web hosting affiliate program named Cloudways, so you don’t have to search for the best product to promote.

What Is An Affiliate Program?

The affiliate program is a partner program for anyone who can promote a product. many companies spend huge money on advertising and promoting and it cost them a lot of money so instead of promoting themselves they start an affiliate program where people will promote their product and if any product gets sold then that person will get a commission.

So it is a win-win situation for both, as the company doesn’t have to spend money on promotion and the person can earn a good amount of money just by promoting their product.

I think it is all clear how the affiliate program works. Now let see which company product is better for promoting?

Cloudways Affiliate Program

Cloudways is a great web hosting company. They provide cloud hosting with a bunch of useful features. Cloudways uses SSD drives for storage which improves the server performance that totally affects the blogs load time, the speed and performance of your blog get 3 times faster.

The best thing is that Cloudways provides CND hosting which is a distributed server which reduces the traffic load on the main server and redirects to other servers which are near to the user. This increase the speed of accessing server data and the user gets all the data very fast.

Now, Cloudways have an Affiliate program from which you can start earning money just by promoting the Cloudways hosting plan. It might be very easy to sell to the interested buyer because Cloudways gives a great deal.

How To Sign-up For The Affiliate Program?

To get started with the affiliate program you need to signup with the Cloudways affiliate program.

Just go to the official website of Cloudways and there you will see “become an affiliate marketer” click on it and then you will be redirected to the affiliate page. From there you can register for the program and after successful registration, you will get your referral link which you will be going to promote the product and buyer will have to buy the product using your referral link.

It is important for earning money that the buyers are using your referral link only to buy the product otherwise you will earn nothing.

How Much You Will Earn In The Cloudways Affiliate Program?

Now, you might be thinking about how much you will be earning form the affiliate program. Cloudways gives 50$ per sale in the first level and as the level increase based on your performance and customers then the commission per sale will also increase.

The maximum you can earn for per sale is 125$ in the final level and if you reach beyond that then you can directly contact the affiliate program and negotiate your commission per sale. it is a great opportunity to earn a lot of money just by doing a simple task like sharing it on your facebook profile, sharing it on your blog or other social media platform or through paid ads. all you need to do is attract the traffic and promote the product to them.

For example, if your website got 1000 visits then not all thousand people will buy your product but only 5-10 people will buy the product then also you will earn a lot of commission.

How You Will Get Paid?

The payment process is very simple. all your payment will be paid at the end of the month in your PayPal account. there are other methods also for getting paid.

Features To Promote In Cloudways

There are many good features of Cloudways which you can promote like

  • 1TB bandwidth
  • 25GB SSD storage
  • CloudwaysCND
  • Free SSL
  • Free site migration
  • free trial
  • WordPress support
  • advanced security
  • DDoS protection

There are other good things about the Cloudways hosting which you can attract people to buy it. the first thing you can highlight that the service is super fast as it uses CND technology to deliver its content to users from all over the world.

Cloudways Affiliate Program Review

talking about the Cloudways affiliate program then I can definitely say that it is one of the best affiliate programs in the market to join. Many popular affiliate marketers have said Cloudways as the best affiliate program to start with because you will not have to wait for any review to get started with it and after signing up you can start promoting as the way you like and the payment withdrawal process is very simple.

Harsh Agrawal who is the blog scientist of the famous website Shoutmeloud and he says that he finds Cloudways as the best affiliate program to get started with the affiliate marketing and also says that the product of Cloudways is very amazing that it generates more sales because of the service.

Cloudways has a great team who will help you with graphics and will suggest many strategies which will work best for generating more sales and he has been the part of Cloudways affiliate program for many years.

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Speed Up WP Blog with Cloudways CDN

How To Speed Up Your WP Blog With Cloudways CDN?

If you are finding ways to speed up your wp blog then you have come to the right page because here we are going to show how you can reduce the load time of your blog pages and increase your blog performance with the help of Cloudways CND.

If you have never heard of Cloudways CND hosting then your mind must be wondering what is the CND stands for how it will increase the speed of your wp blog. to find out read till the end.

Now let’s start from the very basic.

Speed Up WP Blog with Cloudways CDN

What Is CND?

CND is a technique of reducing the traffic load on the main server. The reason behind this is because when a user accesses a website then that user is interacting with the main server and as the number of users increases on the same website then the load on the server for accessing information also increases. This results in poor server performance which makes the blog to load data slowly.

So to solve this problem CND comes into the picture. CND stands for Content Delivery Network or Content Distributed Network. This can be understood as there are many servers placed in different geographical locations.

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Now if any user tries to access website data then the main server will redirect it to the server which is placed near the user. All the servers have a replicate of the data so the user can access data very fast as the distance between server reduced and also the load is being divided between the servers.

How CND Is Helpful?

The CND is very helpful for bloggers to reduce the traffic load on their server as we have seen how it is helpful to reduce the server load which increases the WordPress blog performance and also user can access the data very fast and easily.

How To Get CND Hosting?

There are many web hosting in the market who offers CND hosting in their plan. There is a good feature to take if you want to reduce the load time of your wp blog pages. The process to do this is very simple. however, CND hosting is not so costly and you get it at an affordable price.

Cloudways CND Hosting

Cloudways is one of the best web hostings who provide great services to their clients and they also provide Cloudways CND hosting in their all plans. this makes the Cloudways severs even faster than other providers as they only provide single servers which get overloaded when large traffic tries to access the server.

This problem is faced by many bloggers as so they shift the web hosting provider who offers CND hosting at an affordable price.

Benefits Of Cloudways CND

There are many benefits of using Cloudways CND hosting but the most important are mentioned below.

  1. Load Time

The first benefits of using Cloudways is that it distributes the load on the main server and connects you with the nearest server to you which have the copy of the data that you are trying to access. This technique makes the server works faster as there will be no load to the server and so the pages will load faster as the distance of accessing data is reduced. Hence the load time reduces your blog.

  1. User Experience Increases

With the Cloudways CND hosting the user experience increases because when the user tries to access any page or data in the website then the main server finds out the users accessing location and assigns the nearest server which increases the accessing speed which results in faster user experience. Users will get data very fast and they will get the amazing user experience

  1. SEO

The other benefit of using Cloudways CND hosting is that it improves SEO ranking of the blog. when the servers don’t take time to serve data and the load time and performance of the blog increases due to faster-accessing data from the nearest servers, the SEO ranking of a blog increases as Google gives higher priority to the blog who loads faster and have good user interaction with the blog. The main reason for using CND hosting is to increase SEO ranking only.

Now let’s have a look at the offering of Cloudways CND hosting.

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Cloudways CND Features

You will get CND features in all plans of the Cloudways hosting. there are various plans according to the needs of data. Here I am mentioning the most basic plan of it.

  1. Bandwidth

In the basic plan, you get about 1TB of bandwidth which is quite amazing and this number increases with the higher plans. 1TB bandwidth is sufficient for the small blog because of low traffic load. If the traffic increases then you can shift to the higher plans

  1. Storage Space

Cloudways offers 25GB of bandwidth in the basic plan. The interesting part is that this 25GB is of SSD drives which are way more faster in performance than ordinary drives.

  1. SSL

They offer some free add-ons in their all plan such as free SSL certificate which is costly when you will purchase it. SSL will help your blog to increase its SEO ranking and also it will increase the user’s trust on your blog.

  1. Effortless Site Migration

If you want to move to Cloudways hosting then you don’t have to worry about moving your blog, you just have to inform the technical team of Cloudways and then they will start the moving process of your blog. there is no fee for doing migration you can do it as many time as you want. Whenever you feel to shift from plans then you can do it without paying any cost.

  1. Free Trial Without Credit Card

This is a great opportunity for those who want to try the Cloudways CND hosting as a trail. The best thing is that you don’t require to enter your credit card details for activating the trial period.

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What is HTTPS

What Is HTTPS In A Domain Name? Does It Help To Get Higher Ranking?

If you are new in blogging and pretty much confused what is the difference between Http and https. What are the benefits of it and does it help to get higher ranking in google search engine? All these questions will be cleared in this article. So let’s start from the very basic information about it.

What is HTTPS in Domain Name


Https stands for hypertext markup language secured. It is the protocol to send and receive data from one point to another. The best example of this protocol is the transfer of data from server to client( client can be a website, application).  HTTPS uses SSL to transfer data which ensures that your data is being shared to the right point and no in between can read it.

HTTPS is more secure than HTTP. Here ‘S’ stands for ‘Secure’. Now how they are different from each other. It can also be said that HTTPS is a secured version of the HTTP protocol.

Difference Between HTTP And HTTPS

It is very interesting to know the difference between them then it would be very clear why google gives priority to HTTPS domains and not HTTP.

HTTP is the same as the HTTPS but is its older version. back in days, all the data were begin transferred using this protocol only. but the main flaw in this protocol was that it doesn’t bother whether the data is being transferred is going securely to the destination. Means it doesn’t guarantee if your data is being transferred without manipulation, hijacked, copy.

The biggest concern was the security of individuals data being extracted by others when providing in credit card sites or transaction page.

So to solve this problem, they created HTTPS which is the same protocol but secured. It uses SSL certificate to transfer data from one point to other and the data being transferred can be only decrypted by the server and the website. so no one can read the data in between this makes the transferred of data secured.

This increases the trust on the website you are surfing because you know that it will transfer your personal data in encrypted form and only possible to decrypt by the servers. so it becomes the symbol of trust for any website.

For example, if you visit any unknown website then your browser will tell you that it is not safe to surf on this website. you can see the red warning sign in the left of the address bar. So this lets the readers know that their data is not safe in this website and they will exit.

But in the opposite, if any website has installed an SSL certificate then it claims to be a trusted website and a secure sign can be seen in green on the left of the address bar. This sign is very important to turn green in order to gain the trust of users.

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Why Google Like HTTPS

Google favor HTTPS over HTTP because as we have seen the flaw present in using HTTP protocol and how we solved that problem by using HTTPS protocol.  Being the secured way to transfer data is the prime concern of Googles. That is why Google loves the domain with HTTPS protocols

How To Get HTTPS

In the beginning when you will buy a domain and create a blog.  by default, the blog will be using the HTTP protocol and to make it HTTPS you need to install the SSL certificate.  It can be bought from any Registrar websites.

In an attempt to get SSL certificate you will have to verify your website and server so that it can be confirmed that all the data is being sent and receive security and the website is what it claims to be.

After the verification is done. Your blog will get an SSL certificate and whenever any browser tries to access the website, the browser will verify the certificate and interpret that it is secured for the user to provide data.

In most of the premium web, hosting SSL certificate is given free along with the hosting plan. So you no longer to do the long process of getting it.

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Does It Help To Get Higher Ranking?

In the perspective of SEO, HTTPS protocol does help websites to get a higher ranking. Google has officially said that with HTTPS website will get higher ranking then HTTP websites. Using HTTPS protocol will increase your rank in the page however it is only a slight increase in the ranking.

But still, it helps to gain a higher ranking in googles search engine. The website which enables the HTTPS protocol will only gain the trust of its readers but also it will be favored by googles algorithm.

The website which does not use HTTPS will face hard times in search position because it may not consider the best way to increase ranking but it is a little boost in the start and secures the user’s personal data being hijacked.

Final Thoughts HTTPS

the security of data should be the major concern for any website for its users because if you are running an e-commerce website then the user will have to enter card details which may be very critical data and if no proper security protocol is being used then that data may get misused by anyone.

That is why Google encourages everyone to use the secured transfer protocol on their website and also google benefits them who does it. googles algorithm ranks website higher who uses HTTPS domains than who don’t.

So, the ranking and security is your major concern then you must install the SSL certificate in order to get the HTTPS protocol and secured sign on the address bar so that readers can freely surf your website without being feared of stealing their data.

SSL certificate was costly back then but now in many web hosting plans, they offer SSL certificate absolutely so that you will not have to hustle for installing the SSL certificate and get HTTPS protocol.…

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WPX Hosting VS Cloudways

WPX Hosting Vs Cloudways: Which One Is Better For Blogging?

If you are confused between WPX hosting and Cloudways hosting and don’t know which one is the best web hosting provider then this article will help you to clear all your confusion.

Today in this article we have done a comparison between two best web hosting companies- WPX and Cloudways. We have compared all the features, performance and price. so let’s start!

WPX Hosting VS Cloudways

WPX Hosting

According to the awarded tech blogger WPX hosting is the worlds best web hosting provider. It is ranked #1 in two of the famous blogs- G2 Crowd & Trustpilot. WPX hosting support CND which makes it 3x faster then other web hosting providers and talking about the offering, WPX hosting provides many free add-ons such as free SSL certificate, Unlimited site migration, unlimited business email accounts, full backup, DDoS protection, and more services.

WPX hosting not only offers amazing services, but it also has the fastest support team. They claim that all the queries will be answered within 35 seconds which I think is the fastest response time of any web hosting company.

WPX Hosting vs Cloudways

WPX Hosting Plan

WPX hosting has 3 plans- Bussiness, professional, elite. Here I am going to talk about the basic plan only.

  1. 5 Websites

In WPX hosting business plan you can host up to 5 websites on a single WPX plan. This is a great offer for professional bloggers because they often need web hosting for each new blog but in WPX hosting they can easily host up to 5 websites in a single hosting plan. This offer will save a lot of money from bloggers.

  1. Disk Space

In WPX hosting the disk space is given in business plan is 10GB. This much amount will be sufficient for new and small blogs because they don’t require much storage space. With the 10GB of disk space, your blog will run without slowing down.

  1. Bandwidth

In the business plan of WPX hosting the bandwidth is given about 100GB which is more than required for the small blog as they don’t get much traffic in the start and with 100GB of bandwidth the blog can easily handle up to 100k of traffic without going down. This much bandwidth is sufficient to manage traffic very easily.

  1. Unlimited Site Migration

The site migration cost seems expensive when you just started blogging. in the course of blogging, you will need to shift from many web hostings and doing this will require a fee but WPX hosting doesn’t charge you anything for migrating your website from another server to WPX servers.

Other than above services they also give free SSL, custom CND, free email, PHP 7, 99.95% uptime, 30 days money-back and many more.

Business Plan Price- 20.83$/month


Cloudways vs WPX Hosting

Cloudways name itself defines that it is a cloud web hosting company. Cloudways main focus is to facilitate web hosting for bloggers and create a simple environment for bloggers to work in. It also focuses on increasing performance so you can give all your focus to the stuff you are best in.

Cloudways has many services to offer such as PHP 7 server which is the trending need in the market, auto-healing cloud servers, dedicated firewalls, and lot more stuff.

Cloudways hosting plan

Cloudways offers different types of the plan according to the need of different websites. So we have mentioned only the most basic plan.

  1. Disk Space

In Cloudways you get up to 25GB of disk space. This much disk space is enough for handling the data of your blog. your blog will run very smoothly because it will never run out of storage space. However, this much disk space is sufficient for only new and small blogs.

  1. Bandwidth

You get 1TB of bandwidth in the basic Cloudways plan. This much bandwidth is more than enough for your blog traffic. it can easily hand more than 100k visitors. you will not have to worry about the traffic because with 1TB your blog will never run of bandwidth and the other reason is that in the new blog and small blogs don’t get much traffic. so it will be sufficient to go for a basic plan.

  1. Free SSL Certificate

The free SSL certificate is now very common service which is offered for free in many web hosting plans so is in Cloudways. You get free SSL in Cloudways in all plans.

  1. SSD Based Hosting

SSD hosting way faster than ordinary drives servers. today everyone is using SSD drives because is the advance drives which is 3x faster than normal drives. Cloudways servers are of SSD drives which increases the blog performance 3x faster.

  1. Free Migration

As in WPX hosting, Cloudways also offers free site migration. You can easily migrate your blog from the old hosting company to the Cloudways hosting. you just have to tell the migration experts of Cloudways then they will move your blog in just 24 hours.

There are other services also which are offered in all the plans of Cloudways such as backups, multiple databases, 24 hours customer support, unlimited application installation, free, and many more services.

Price of the basic plan in Cloudways is $10/month

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WPX Hosting VS Cloudways

Without a doubt, these two web hostings are the best in the market and deciding which one is the best is a tough task because they have so many services to offer.  We have seen that Cloudways is providing great services in just a few dollars while WPX hosting is providing those service in a bit higher price than Cloudways. This must be because WPX hosting is the #1 web hosting in the market so is pretty obvious that why their price is higher than Cloudways.

But, In WPX hosting you can host up to 5 websites while in Cloudways you can host only one. In my opinion, both are the best but if you only want to start a blog and price is your major concern then Cloudways would be the best choice for you because it is giving good services in just 10$ per month while WPX hosting is offering its basic plan in 20$ per month.…

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What is Web Hosting

What Is A Web Hosting Affiliate Program? How To Make Money Online?

If you want to earn some extra cash online but don’t know what to do? then this article is for you. today in this article, I have mentioned the best way to start earning money from home on the internet.

What is Web Hosting

On the internet there a lot of methods to earn money from, some are fake and some are genuine. Then it becomes very difficult to find a genuine way to earn money online. so here I have mentioned the best way to earn money online just by working 2-4 hours daily.

The best way to earn money today on the internet is blogging, affiliate marketing, freelancing and selling product. other than affiliate marketing all are difficult ways of earning money. if you want to earn money by just doing a simple task then affiliate marketing is great.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is promoting your product or someone else and if the product is getting purchased from your promotional link then you will get some percent of the price of the product as a commission.

This can understand the same as the salesperson selling companies product by going place to place.

You can join any companies affiliate program and start earning but it is hard to find a genuine company which will pay you a good commission. so I have listed two of the best affiliate program of web hosting companies which pays its partner around 100-150usd for single signup.

How A Does Web Hosting Affiliate Program Work?

The affiliate program for web hosting is a bit different here you will be selling the plans of web hosting companies. After joining the affiliate program you will be provided the referral link and this link you will be sharing on your social media platform where people will see it and if anyone would be interested in the product then they will buy it from your link and when the plan is successfully purchased through your link then you will be rewarded the commission.

This commission is different for different companies. Some company will give you more commission while some will give you less. So it is better to choose the company who gives more commission so you can earn a sufficient amount for your work.

How To Make Money From The Affiliate Program?

The process of making money from affiliate program of web hosting is very simple. you just need a website or a page where you can drive some traffic to the product website.

The first thing you have to do is go to the official website of the web hosting company and there you can find the affiliate program tab. Go to that page and then fill the required form with all the mandatory details and then signup.

After you have successfully signed the program then you will be logged into a dashboard. in that dashboard you will get all the necessary features like ad banners, statistics, purchased stat and many more kinds of stuff.

In the dashboard, you will find your referral link. Just copy the referral link and paste it on your blog post, FB or Instagram page.

You can also see whether someone has clicked on your link and how many have purchased the product from the link. This stats feature will help you to keep all the track records of your sale and you can also see how many conversions you are getting then you can create the plan according to it.

Now, to get your payment you will have to cross the threshold amount to get paid. the payment you can get in your PayPal or via bank transfer. However, the threshold for minimum payout is different for different companies.

Now, we know how to earn from affiliate program then let’s see the two of the best company to join their affiliate program.

The Best Web Hosting Company For Affiliate Program

  1. WPX Hosting

WPX hosting is one of the best company in the market and it has been considered as the best company by G2 crowd and Trustpilot which are the popular tech blogs.

This makes the promotion process very easy for promoting because everyone wants to purchase only the best web hosting.

To signup with the WPX hosting. just go to the official website of WPX hosting and then click on the “become an affiliate” tab then you will be directed to the affiliate page.

WPX hosting company gives a commission of 100 usd on a single sale. you will get your commission after 35 days of purchase. You can also learn more about WPX Hosting here.

  1. Cloudways

The other best web hosting company is Cloudways. Cloudways is a cloud-based web hosting provider which provides amazingly fast cloud servers. it is one of the most trusted web hosting company which pays its affiliate partner good commission on every sale.

The minimum commission you can get in the Cloudways sale is around 125usd. this amount is not limited you will start earning more when you will reach certain levels in the affiliate program of Cloudways. You can earn up to a maximum of 250usd per sale.

To join, just to the official website and signup for the affiliate program then you will be provided the ad banners which you can place on your website and you can share the link on your blog post or in your Facebook page.

Final words on an affiliate program

The affiliate program is the best way to earn some passive income online. I think the affiliate program is the easiest way to earn money because you can easily make a sale just by sharing it on your social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, google plus, etc.

However, in the start, you will not get enough sale but don’t lose hope and keep on doing better then you will start earning huge commission. you can join many affiliate program to generate a good amount of money from commission.

Many people do affiliate marketing as a full –time job. You can also think of becoming full time or do it part-time.…

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